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More Irises Added to Lockport, La. Boardwalk

December 24, 2021 Lockport, La.

LICI volunteers added more irises to their on-going multi-year iris restoration project at the town of Lockport, La.'s Elevated Wetlands Boardwalk yesterday, December 23, 2021. It was their last planting at the boardwalk for this iris planting season. It was the sixth time LICI volunteers have been out to the boardwalk planting irises since the project began in late 2020. The group worked hard and planted an estimated 375 irises.

The volunteers are shown beginning work planting irises at the town of Lockport's Elevated Wetlands Boardwalk on December 23rd.

The irises that were planted were the I. giganticaerulea species of the Louisiana iris that came from an iris rescue event held the week before.

Newly planted irises on December 23rd.

Its estimated that there may be as many as 1,400 irises that LICI volunteers have planted at the boardwalk over the last year, including the irises planted yesterday. Irises from the earliest plantings are multiplying and are doing great.

"We'd like to once again thank the landowner, Hugh Caffery, for granting us permission to plant the irises. We also like to thank Lafourche Parish Councilman, Armand Autin, and the Lafourche Parish government employees who assisted with the coordination of this project. All were excited to have the irises added to the boardwalk area and are encouraging us to continue the plantings, " LICI's Gary Salathe summed up.

Four of the five volunteers at the Lockport, La. iris planting on 12-23-20201 are shown in this photo; (Left to Right) Scott Schexnaydre, Mike Glaspell, Gary Salathe and Connie Adams. Henry Cancienne helped out by keeping the volunteers supplied with irises from the boardwalk.



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