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The Louisiana Iris Conservation Initiative, Inc. is a Louisiana non-profit corporation formed by individuals interested in preserving and restoring the Louisiana iris in habitats where it once grew in abundance.





We locate native species of the Louisiana iris that are threatened with destruction, typically from development.  We organize volunteer rescue events to relocate the irises after receiving the landowner's permission to remove them.

We also accept donations from gardeners that wish to share their native Louisiana irises.  These are irises that they  collected in the past from the swamps or ditches near their home and have now outgrown their gardens.


We then organize volunteer events to plant the irises within the protected habitats of area refuges or nature preserves after we acquire the necessary permits. 


We also strive to increase the public's awareness of this special Louisiana native plant with plantings at public swamp boardwalks.

" If we are to save our native wildlands for posterity, we must first get the attention and appreciation of the general public.  There is a wealth of beauty now, and potentially even more in the future, in the wetlands, prairies and forest that are the habitats of our native Louisiana irises.  The younger generations might not have as much free time to garden as we did at that age, but they have a sensitivity to the environment and a concern about protecting our coast and wetlands that make them natural allies for our preservation and restoration efforts."  From an article in the summer 2020 issue of the Society for Louisiana Irises' (SLI) Fleur du Lis journal, authored by Charles Perilloux, a member of the SLI board of directors and a leader in the organization's Louisiana Iris Species Preservation Project.

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