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Mike Glaspell's Hummingbird Photos During The 2022 Iris Bloom

April 23, 2022 Lockport, La.

Each year one of the Louisiana Iris Conservation Initiative's (LICI) volunteers at the Lockport, La. boardwalk, Mike Glaspell, sends in his photos of hummingbirds on the Louisiana irises as they are in bloom. "Mike is an amateur photographer who produces professional photographer quality photos," says LICI board of directors member Gary Salathe. He reports that followers of the LICI Facebook page wait patiently for the group's Facebook postings of Glaspell's photos. "We welcome and encourage him to send us as many of his photos as possible," Salathe says.

Glaspell is also a birder. He lives a short distance from the boardwalk in Lockport, so he regularly visits it two times a day. His photos of other birds, including bald eagles that live in his area, are favorites of birder hobbyists in southeast Louisiana.

Here are some of Mike Glaspell's hummingbird photos taken at the Lockport, La. boardwalk during the iris bloom there in March and April 2022:



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