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Friends of the Refuge, Inc. Welcomes Volunteers on a LICI Project

January 14, 2022 New Orleans

The Friends of Louisiana Wildlife Refuges, Inc. held open a welcome table for volunteers on Wednesday, January 14, 2022 at a LICI organized tree planting event at the Bayou Sauvage National Wildlife Refuge. Board of Directors members and volunteers of the Friends group, Sue Wilder and John Paul Duet, welcomed the volunteers and thanked them on behalf of the refuge for coming out to plant the tree seedlings.

(From left to right) John Paul Duet; board of directors member of the Friends group, Shelley Stiaes; refuge manager, Sue Wilder; board of directors member of the Friends group and refuge volunteer; Sandi Wicklund came out to welcome the volunteers.

The volunteers planted over 1,000 trees during the two day event that was organized by LICI under a tree planting permit they have with the US Fish & Wildlife Service at the refuge. LICI's partner in the project, Common Ground Relief, supplied most of the volunteers for the day.

Sue Wilder, board of directors member of the Friends, Inc, is shown serving hot chocolate to the volunteers during the cold start of the morning.

The Friends of the Refuge, Inc. focuses on preservation of wildlife habitat and the public stewardship of Southeast Louisiana US Fish & Wildlife refuges.

New Orleans City Council member, Oliver Thomas, is seen on the left. He came out to welcome the volunteers and to give the opening remarks.

The Common Ground Relief volunteers were college students from the University of Wisconsin-Madison that were in town for a week of community service projects.



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