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LICI's President Gives Presentation to National Iris Group's Region II

October 24, 2022 New Orleans, La.

The Louisiana Iris Conservation Initiative's (LICI) founder and president, Gary Salathe, was invited by the American Iris Society's (AIS) Region 2 to participate in their membership zoom meeting on Saturday, October 22. 2022 by giving a presentation on LICI's iris restoration projects. Region 2 of the AIS is made up of iris societies in the state of New York and the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec.

Charles Perilloux, one of a group of members of the Society for Louisiana Irises that preserve species of the Louisiana iris, was also asked to share the 1 hour allotted time for the talk to do a presentation about his group.

Photo: Screenshot of the October 22nd AIS Region 2 Zoom meeting showing Gary Salathe (on left) and Charles Perilloux during the meeting.

The meeting host invited the two presenters because he was particularly interested in knowing if any of the things that LICI and Charles' group does could be replicated in his group's area. Gary's preparation for his presentation (outlined in the article below) included discovering opportunities for iris species restoration in the areas of AIS Region 2.

Since Gary is a contributor to the American Iris Society's World of Irises blog, he wrote an article about his Region 2 zoom meeting presentation for the blog that went live on Monday 24th. You can find his posting here:



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