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LICI Releases Its 2023 Map of Places to See Native Louisiana Irises in Bloom

March 2, 2023 New Orleans, La.

The Louisiana Iris Conservation Initiative has released its 2023 interactive map of places to see native Louisiana irises in bloom. Go to the map by clicking HERE

You can zoom in on the map to find the exact location of each site. You can click on each location’s icon to be taken to a site page with details on the location and photos.

Each site is ranked from the best to almost best by LICI. Their ranking can be found on the goggle map page.

LICI's Gary Salathe says, "It is important to keep in mind that there may be more locations where native irises can be seen blooming that are more difficult to get to or are on private property. Our goal is to direct the public to areas where it is safe and easy to see this treasured native Louisiana plant while they are blooming, including the state wildflower, the I. giganticaerulea species of the Louisiana iris."

Louisiana irises this year have already begun to bloom in many of the locations shown on the map, which is about two weeks earlier than in previous years. The bloom typically lasts until the middle of April, with the peak bloom in the middle. This year, at some locations, the bloom may be over by the end of March. Each location can start and finish blooming at different times from the others.

LICI will be putting up regular Facebook postings of updates from their roving group of volunteers on how the bloom is coming along at each location. They hope to be able to give some advance notice of a least a week from when the peak bloom will be taking place at each location. Louisiana Iris Conservation Initiative Facebook page can be found by clicking HERE.



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