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LICI Releases 2022 Map of Louisiana Iris Viewing Locations

****** January 24, 2023 UPDATE: The Louisiana Iris Viewing Locations map has received 29,650 views since its release!! ********

March 16, 2022 New Orleans

The 2022 Louisiana Iris Conservation Initiative's (LICI) interactive map for Louisiana Iris Viewing Locations has been released. You can click on this link to find the map:

The map is created each year by LICI to let the public know where there are places to safely see Louisiana irises in bloom. Many of the locations on the map are on-going LICI iris restoration projects.

You can click on the icon for each location on the map and it will take you to that location's page. Once you are on each page, you can click on the photo to see ten photos of each site.

There have been a few reports of the first blooms at some of the boardwalks, but the peak bloom will not likely be taking place until the end of March and the first three weeks of April.

LICI will be putting up Facebook postings as the irises at each location begin to bloom, including an estimate of when the peak bloom should take place. They suggest that you bookmark the LICI Facebook page and check it once a week over the next six weeks instead of relying on our postings showing up on your Facebook newsfeed. (Facebook sends out each of their postings to only 150 - 200 of their 1,800 page followers at a time, so you can't rely on all of their postings showing up on your newsfeed.)

LICI has plans to have an information table/booth for a few hours at some of these locations during the peak bloom. These will also be posted onto their Facebook page. This will be a great way for you to learn about LICI and meet some of their volunteers.



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