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History of Iris Conservation in the New Orleans Area

March 24, 2022 New Orleans, La

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Bayou and Marsh, exerpt February 2016.hires
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Not many people know that the name Louisiana Iris Conservation Initiative is derived from the first Louisiana iris society created in the early 1930's. It was named the Louisiana Iris Conservation Society.

The articles in the link at the top of this page are from the February 2017 Bayou and Marsh newsletter of the Greater New Orleans Iris Society. LICI got in touch with the editor and author of the articles, Patrick O'Connor, and he was good enough to not only give us permission to re-post it, but he also extracted the key articles from the newsletter so we wouldn't have to re-post the entire issue.

Not many people realize just how big of a deal Louisiana irises have been to the culture of south Louisiana. These articles help to show just how big of a deal it was.



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