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LICI Receives Donation From Judy Reed of the Julia Reed Charitable Trust

April 1, 2023 New Orleans, La.

The Louisiana Iris Conservation Initiative has announced that they have received a donation from Judy Reed. Ms. Reed was the mother of Julia Reed, who passed away in 2020. Ms. Reed is also on the board of directors of the Julia Evans Reed Charitable Trust. The trust continues the philanthropic work that Julia began in her lifetime by supporting outstanding organizations dedicated to providing the things in life Julia deemed essential.

Photo: Julia Reed

Julia Reed was an author from Greenville, Mississippi. She was the daughter of Julia B. "Judy" Reed and Clarke Reed, who was a prominent businessman and investor in Mississippi. Her father also served as the state chairman of the Mississippi Republican Party from 1966 to 1976. This is from a New York Times article about her life: "Julia Reed, an irreverent, expansive chronicler of politics, food, and Southern life. In reporting for Newsweek, Vogue, The New York Times Magazine and other publications, Ms. Reed covered presidents and their spouses, notably both Bushes and the Clintons, along with other successful women, country music, Southern rogues and Southern food. Her canvas was the foibles of power, and even though (or perhaps because) she was the daughter of a Nixon-era Republican grandee, she was clear-eyed about the vices and virtues of both parties."

Photo: Some of the board of directors of the Julia Evans Reed Charitable Trust are shown touring the LICI iris holding area. Co-director of Common Ground Relief, Charlotte Clarke, is seen in the green overalls and LICI's president, Gary Salathe, is seen on the right of Charlotte.

In her lifetime, Julia's philanthropic work was directed toward non-profits that were helping to support what she deemed essential for children to develop a full and meaningful life; nourishing food, a quality education, and opportunities for learning, literacy and engagement in the arts. She also felt that engaging with nature and its beauty was important. The Julia Evans Reed Charitable Trust made a donation to LICI in 2021 to support their efforts to preserve the Louisiana iris.

Judy Reed's personal donation will be used to help support LICI's iris rescues and plantings this year, according to the president of the non-profit, Gary Salathe. "We really appreciate the donation and encouragement from Judy Reed and the Julia Evans Reed Charitable Trust's board. We will effectively use the funds to help accomplish Julia's goals."

Photo: One of LICI's iris restoration projects that the board Julia Evans Reed Charitable Trust is very interested in is at Sankofa Wetland Park. The inner city park is located in the Ninth Ward neighborhood of New Orleans. The blooming irises at the park are becoming a big attraction each spring.

Information on Julia Reed's life can be found here:



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