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Group is Awarded Grant To Plant Trees at The Bayou Sauvage Refuge This Winter

Updated: May 14

May 10, 2022 New Orleans, La.

A partnership between Common Ground Relief, Inc. and the Louisiana Iris Conservation Initiative (LICI) has received a grant from the New Orleans based Ella West Freeman Foundation to do a major tree planting this winter at the Bayou Sauvage National Urban Wildlife Refuge in New Orleans. The grant will be used to purchase and plant 1,000 tree seedlings for the refuge.

Photo: The funds from the Ella West Freeman Foundation will be used to cover the expense of tree seedlings and nutria guards for 1,000 trees. Live oak tree and bald cypress tree seedlings will be used in the planting.

This year's tree planting project will be a continuation of the multi-year partnership between Common Ground Relief, Inc. and LICI at the refuge for tree plantings and Louisiana iris plantings. This past fall and winter they worked together to plant a total of over 1,900 potted trees and tree seedlings at the refuge.

Photo: Volunteers are seen planting trees at the Bayou Sauvage refuge in December, 2021 among dead Chinese tallow. The tallow trees were killed off by other volunteers working during the summer using the hack and squirt method of applying a herbicide.

Gary Salathe, LICI board of directors member said, "This tree planting, like this last year's, will be a community wide effort to reforest areas of the refuge that are still struggling to come back from Hurricane Katrina damage. We appreciate this investment in our city's future by the Ella West Freeman Foundation. Our partnership will effectively use the money entrusted to us for this project."

A few thousand Chinese tallow trees will need to be killed in the areas the seedlings will be planted in order to prepare the sites for this year's tree planting. This was done last year for this past fall/winter's tree plantings.

LICI is starting back up their every Monday morning work day on May 23, 2022. Small groups of volunteers will work from 7:30 AM until 11:30 AM at the refuge each Monday morning to work on tallow tree eradication using the hack and squirt method of applying a herbicide. If you would like to volunteer for this or if you have any questions about volunteering, you can send LICI an email with your contact information at:

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