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Iris Rescue Barataria, La

Help us rescue the last irises on this private property.

Iris Rescue Barataria, La

Time & Location

Jul 28, 2021, 8:00 AM – 10:30 AM

Barataria, Barataria, LA 70036, USA

About The Event

The  Louisiana Iris Conservation Initiative (LICI) would like to offer our  sincere thanks to Cindy Baucum of Barataria, La. for offering us a  donation of the I. giganticaerulea species of Louisiana irises growing  on property she owns.  Over the years her husband, Joe Baucum, now  deceased, watched over and protected the irises in a ditch along the  parish road that runs through their property.  He diligently put out a  sign every year asking the parish road crews to not spray the ditch with  a herbicide.  (One of our volunteers went to the site a couple of weeks  ago and he reports that he drove miles down the road without once  seeing any irises, so this may be the last stand of irises left thanks  to Joe's efforts to protect them.)

Cindy  Baucum has been a big supporter of LICI's project to increase the  number of irises growing at the Town of Jean Lafitte's Wetland Trace  boardwalk.  Joe Baucum and three other volunteers built the boardwalk by  hand in 2002.  She has asked us to the plant the irises there in Joe's  memory as part of our on-going iris restoration project.

The  purpose of this volunteer event is to finish digging up all of the  irises in the ditch on Cindy's property.  We took out about 400 on July  14th and there are likely that many that still need to by dug up.

The  town of Jean Lafitte held their Seafood Festival in June.  The  boardwalk was a key part of the festival with hundreds of people using  it.  The mayor is committed to keeping the boardwalk well maintained and  is very supportive of our work bringing in irises.

A  number of years ago the town held an iris festival and now there is  talk of reviving it as a coastal restoration event during the iris bloom  along the boardwalk next spring.  Non-profits and governmental agencies  would hold open informational booths as part of the festival.  Our plan  will be to use the irises we collect to increase the irises along the  boardwalk this fall/winter.

Come  join us on Wednesday, July 28th to finish digging up Cindy's irises.  The plan is to start at the site at 8:00 AM and dig until 10:30AM or  until we've gotten them all out, whichever comes first. for a couple of  hours.

We  will be working in grass that is 18" tall in a site that gets muddy or  holds water after a rain. Long pants and rubber knee boots or old  sneakers are recommended for this event.

Some lightweight, tight fitting garden gloves will be available for the volunteers, but feel free to bring yours from home.

Not  all volunteers will be digging irises. Some volunteers are needed to  separate out any weeds from the root clumps of the irises and to trim  any dead leaves off of the irises.  Let us know if this is the job that  you feel works best for you.

Some long handled shovels will be supplied, but feel free to bring your favorite from home.

A  canopy with lawn chairs will be set up for breaks with snacks and  bottled water available.  We'll also have a portable generator and box  fans.

Please  contact us by email if you are interested in helping out in any way  that you can or if you have any questions. Please send us your contact  information if you plan on attending.

An address and directions will be emailed back to you.

The site is a 45 minute to one hour drive south of New Orleans.

Our target is for 8 volunteers.  Any help that you can give will be greatly appreciated.

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